Paw & Order: Guilty-Looking Samoyed Questioned After Shirt Is Destroyed

After spending the night in with his wife and friends, Stuart Brown woke up to a devastating scene in his home.

After spending a night in with his wife and friends, Stuart Brown woke up to a devastating scene in his Australian home.

Savagely destroyed and strewn about was one of the digital marketer’s favorite shirts, left out in the open for Brown to discover.

“It was a really special shirt to me, it meant a lot and when I saw it in pieces all tattered like that on the ground, my heart just broke,” Brown told “It was terrible.”

Brown quickly eliminated his wife as a potential suspect and narrowed in on his Samoyeds, Bear and Simba.

“Bear, he had nothing to do with it,” Brown said of his 2-year-old pup. “He didn’t even know what I was talking about. But Simba, he immediately looked suspicious. I was very suspicious of him.”

The 5-month-old dog couldn’t even face his father, who confronted him in a nail-biting interrogation featured on

It’s sometimes, you’ve got to really get serious and ask the tough questions, you know?” Brown said. “Did you destroy this shirt, yes or no? Give it to me straight. And he was ashamed, to say the least. I think it was hard for him to admit it.

Ultimately, the mouthy hound confessed and he has since paid the price for his crime.

“Well he certainly didn't have any of his normal turkey treats that he really loves,” Brown said. “And I know that has really taught him a serious lesson. So he also isn't allowed on the couch for a while when we're watching TV. So he is definitely feeling the full repercussions of his actions.”

The punishment, while harsh, is necessary to teach the dog a lesson, his father explained.

“It was a devastating experience for everyone involved, and geez, if it happened a second time, it honestly don't know how any of us would handle it,” Brown said. “He’s never done it before. And that’s what is so chilling about it, you know; that someone so close to you can just be perfectly normal one day, and then go and do something like that and just destroy everything that you believe in.”