Vets Remove 21 Pacifiers From Dog's Stomach

Dog eats pacifiers
This Shar-Pei is going to be A-Okay.(Facebook)

Dovey the Shar-Pei has a thing for binkies.

A dog in Oklahoma is recovering after veterinarians there made a shocking discovery in her stomach: 21 pacifiers.

It was a surprise find for the folks at Gentle Care Animal Hospital in Edmond, where Dovey the Shar-Pei went under the knife recently after her owners realized binkies that belonged to their new baby were vanishing and the grandmother caught Dovey in the act.

"She recently had slowed down her eating and vomited a little phlegm for a few days, but other than that was acting fine. When she vomited up a binkie, plus the story from grandma, dad brought her in for an x-ray," Dr. Chris Rispoli, who's been caring for the 4-year-old hound her whole life, wrote on Facebook.

The x-ray showed what Rispoli thought were seven or so pacifiers. As it turned out, that was just a third of the actual number.

"By the end of surgery, we had pulled 21 out of her stomach," Rispoli wrote.

Rispoli wanted to share the bizarre tale because, as he says, "Dog’s will eat anything" and he wants owners to be watchful, no matter what age the animal or what its typical behavior might be.

And, of course, he shared it because it's such an extreme case.

"This was the most fascinating and exciting surgery I have ever done," he said. "We love Dovey, and she is doing GREAT."