12-Year-Old Reunites With Officer Who Rescued Her From Near-Fatal Dog Attack

Officer Scott Combs called the incident “one of the most horrific things” he has seen in his 5-year career.

A 12-year-old Indiana girl who survived a near-fatal dog attack last month received an early Christmas present as she met the officer who saved her life in an emotional reunion. 

“I'd rather not talk about it,” Winter Morgan said, trailing off and burying her face in her mom's chest while sobbing during a press conference Wednesday.

Winter was reunited with Michigan City Police Department Officer Scott Combs, who has been credited with saving her life. Officers also pooled their money together to give Winter a purple bike as an early Christmas present.

Combs, who is also a trained EMT, was awarded with an award for his life-saving response.

Combs called the attack “one of the most horrific things” he has seen in his five-year career.

“This was something I wish I’d never seen,” Combs told InsideEdition.com. “It’s a very difficult experience for all that were there, especially Winter [and] her family. It’s a very, very traumatic incident and it will take some time for emotional healing as well as physical healing.”

Winter had been walking to school the morning of Nov. 10 with her friend when the 140-pound bull mastiff got loose and began biting and attacking her, the police department said.

Winter’s friend’s mom, who was the first to notice the horrific scene, attempted to pull Winter away from its grasp. When that didn’t work, she began hitting the dog with a nearby bicycle.

The mom was able to pull Winter into a friend’s home, but the dog followed the group and continued its attack on Winter.

That’s when Combs arrived at the Dunewood Trailer Park after being dispatched to the scene.

“There were people everywhere flagging me down, trying to gain my attention,” he said. “I was directed to one of the residences and found young Winter being attacked.”

He pulled the dog away from Winter and was able to isolate it in a room before treating Winter’s injuries.

Winter suffered “puncture wounds, tears and other lacerations,” the police department said. She later underwent several hours of surgeries and skin grafts.

“Each and every day we’re praying for a great outcome and as time moves forward, Winter’s recuperating, recovering well, according to her mom, and things are moving forward for her very well,” Combs said.

Daz, the bull mastiff, was euthanized about a week after the attack.

The owner of the dog has not been identified. Prosecutors are continuing to investigate.