Baby Mimics Family Dog as She Learns How to Crawl

The dog proved it was more than just man's best friend.

One infant was inspired to learn how to crawl by watching the family dog drag its body across a floor. 

Danni, an 11-month-old baby in the U.K., observed how Simba, an 11-year-old Jack Russell, used its front legs to crawl across the floor.

After observing his movements, the curious baby tried to pull off the same motions, with much success. 

Danni practiced the same route around a set of toys that Simba did, with the dog proudly looking on. 

“It melted my heart when Simba did this, as you can see she's waiting for Danni to catch up with her,” the baby’s mother and dog’s owner, Michelle Thornely, told Caters News Agency. “Danni is crawling, but can also stand a little bit — she's taking a few steps by herself now.”

The mother did recognize that since Danni has been getting attention with her crawling, Simba might be showing off. 

“Simba continues to crawl now, as a sign of attention-seeking and showing off — it's a regular occurrence for her,” she said.