Meghan Markle Leaves Beloved Rescue Dog Behind as She Prepares to Live in Britain Full Time

Markle had adopted two dogs, but one of them won't be making the trip across the Atlantic.

Meghan Markle is leaving one of her beloved rescue dogs behind as she begins her new life as a soon-to-be royal following her engagement to Prince Harry. 

Guy and Bogart are commonly referred to by Markle as “my boys” and "my loves" and are constantly featured on her Instagram page. 

Guy, a beagle, is enjoying life in the U.K., while Bogart, a Labrador/shepherd mix, will not be moving to London. Bogart is reportedly staying with close friends of the actress.  

"It was a choice Ms. Markle made and we will not speculate as to why she made the decision but it is always difficult to transport animals across the Atlantic," Kensington Palace told Inside Edition. 

Markle got Bogart at a Los Angeles animal shelter where she happened to run into Ellen DeGeneres. Markle credits the talk show host with convincing her to adopt.

“She does whatever I tell her to do, so, Meghan, if you're watching I have something else to tell you: Invite me to that wedding,” DeGeneres said on her show this week. 

Markle with marry the prince in May at a ceremony at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, located just outside London.