Bewildered Dog Seen Wandering Amid Wreckage of Home Destroyed by Tornado

One of the dog's owners, Angie Walker, was killed when the tornado hit outside Nashville, Tennessee, Tuesday morning.

Lost in the wreckage of a home, a bewildered dog was filmed wandering aimlessly through debris after a tornado ripped apart its Tennessee home.

Video showed the pup standing in the front yard and gazing at the devastation. 

One of the dog's owners, psychology professor Angie Walker, was killed in the tornado, which flipped the home on its roof. She leaves behind a grieving husband and two children.

Buddy, the bewildered dog found in the devastation, is one of a pair of pups belonging to the family. They have since been reunited with their surviving owners. 

The tornado was one of seven to touch down in the area this week.