Determined Bear Cub Scales Snowy Mountain Despite Falling Repeatedly

The clip was filmed in June but is just now going viral.

An adorable and determined bear cub in Russia had trouble joining his mother on the top of a snowy mountain but refused to give up. 

Video of the cub repeatedly sliding down the snowy side of a mountain has gone viral since it was posted last week, serving as inspiration for why no one should ever back down from his or her goals. 

The cub’s mother had no issue getting to the summit, but the baby kept struggling, falling farther and farther down the mountain. 

However, after showing some true grit, the cub used its animal instincts to join its mom at the summit. 

The three-minute clip was filmed by Ziya Tong, a TV personality with Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

The video was filmed in the Magadan region of Russia in June.