Wisconsin Hunter Injured by 350-Pound Bear Doesn't Blame Animal for Fighting Back

This bear knew it was survival of the fittest.

It was a case of a hunter becoming the hunted when a bear left a man hospitalized during a recent hunting trip near Wascott, Wisconsin.

Tye Carlson, who has more than 40 years of hunting experience, was left with stitches all over his body when a 350-pound black bear turned on him.

“I got lucky,” Carlson said. “Beautiful animal when he came out. Then […] he got me.”

He explained he was out with a group when the black bear came running out of nowhere.

“I wasn’t too panicked at first, but when he started pushing me around and biting hard I got a little, ‘Uh oh, I’m in trouble here,’” Carlson said.

His group and the hunting dogs came chasing after the bear, but the bear was relentless.

Finally, Carlson got hold of his gun and shot the bear multiple times, but the animal wasn’t going down without a fight.

“He was going down swinging, and that’s what he did,” he recalled.

The bear continued biting and wrestling with Carlson until finally a member of his group was able to kill it.

“He had ahold of me here, but I don’t know why he let go,” Carlson said, recalling the moment the bear was shot dead.

He escaped the incident with multiple stitches, and doctors determined the bear didn’t have rabies.

Carlson said he doesn’t blame the bear for fighting back, but said he is fortunate he survived.