Seattle Couple Ditches Cocktail Hour for 'Kitten Hour' at Their Wedding

The word "ordinary" does not suit Colleen and Iz.

The word "ordinary" does not suit Colleen and Iz.

They wanted to feature a falcon at their wedding over the summer. That idea was quickly vetoed.

“She said that was not appropriately matrimonial and so we were kicking around other ideas and we're huge, huge, huge cat people ... kittens just felt like the natural way to go and to fill the gap in the ceremony,” Colleen told

The couple has two older cats at home that they couldn't bring, so they figured out another way to incorporate them into the ceremony.

Instead of a cocktail hour, they would host a kitten hour: Guests would snuggle with tiny felines while the brides posed for pictures.

The Seattle Animal Shelter agreed to loan them some kittens. The couple made a donation and asked guests to do the same in their honor as a wedding gift.

Colleen and Iz said guests even arrived early — not for the ceremony — but for the 6-week-old felines.

“We just showed up on our wedding day and there was kittens and there was volunteers and they kept them in the shade and there was food and there was water," said Colleen. "I think the kittens were happy because they wanted to fall asleep in our arms or put their little faces in our necks and fall asleep.

"Oh, what good babies," she added.

The kittens turned out to be a huge hit. Everyone fell in love, but no one went home with any cats that day because they were too young to adopt. Since then, some of the guests have actually adopted from that shelter, though.

Fun fact: Colleen is actually allergic to cats.

“There's a picture where I am holding up a cat and kind of smelling it," she said. It smells like fresh laundry and my eyes are super glassy because I am having an allergic reaction.

"But I tripled up on the Flonase for the wedding and it was totally worth it.”