Cute Kitten Joins the Ranks of Police Department

They adopted the cat from a shelter.

After a "rigorous" selection process, a kitten has joined the ranks of a Michigan police department.

On Friday, the Troy Police Department, located near Detroit, auditioned five kittens from the Michigan Humane Society to become part of their force.

The kitten will be used for therapeutic purposes and public appearances, the department said, and will be a partner for one of the force’s officers.

Sgt. Meghan Lehman says the department wants to promote pet adoptions from area shelters as well.

A name has not yet been chosen for the new officer, but the department plans to hold a vote on Twitter.

The department initially said they would “hire” a cat if they reached 10,000 Twitter follows by April.

It took eight days for them to reach that goal after starting the campaign with just 4,000 followers.