Here Kitty, Kitty: Video Shows Dramatic Effort to Save Cat Stuck in Fireplace

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A Texas woman made a plea on Facebook after she heard her cat inside her fireplace and had no way of getting her out. 

Lindsey Klayman of Austin posted on Facebook just before Christmas that her cat had crawled up the fireplace and became stuck in the structure. 

“Please help cat stuck somewhere in fireplace and we cannot see it but can hear it. We're freaking out! Any advice?” she wrote.

After calling 911, 311, the fire department, and even a local chimney sweeper, no one was able to help, so she took to social media. 

A neighbor saw the post and sent her husband to help rescue the cat. 

He removed the brick from the fireplace and slowly inserted a towel to help pull the cat out of the hole. 

Betty the cat eventually came crawling up, looking bewildered. 

Eventually, Betty was able to get into the arms of her hero, appearing relieved to be on the other side of the wall. 


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