Pet Cat Rescued After Becoming Trapped on 100-Foot Cliff

The cat was unharmed.

Animal service officers in California made a daring rescue of a house cat that became trapped on the side of a cliff.

Zion, a black cat, escaped from her home in Los Angeles while her owners were hosting a party and somehow became trapped on the 100-foot cliff. Los Angeles Animal Services got the call about the feline and headed to the scene.

The city’s Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team was able to safely rescue Zion after rappelling onto the cliff in an intense moment captured on video.

They placed the scared feline in a rescue bag and carried it to safety. The animal was unharmed.

The cat was later returned to its owners.

“We’re the last line — if we can’t do it, no one can,” a member of the rescue crew said. “We haven’t walked away from a rescue yet.”