Bus Driver Rescues Shivering Little Boy Wandering Lost With No Shoes

A bus driver stopped to pick up little boy wandering with no shoes.

A Milwaukee bus driver pulled over to help a shivering little boy who was wandering alone and barefoot.

Karen Martinez was making her usual early morning rounds when she saw the 5-year-old walking down a sidewalk by himself, apparently lost.

He had no shoes or socks.

Martinez got out and picked up the child, who was shaking from the cold. She carried him back to the warm bus, where she told him to find a seat.

While they waited for police to arrive, the kindhearted woman spoke with child, and gave him a piece of paper and a pencil to draw with. A passenger took off her coat and wrapped it around the boy.

He broke into a broad smile when Martinez lifted him into the driver's seat and sat him behind the big steering wheel.

The Milwaukee County Transit System posted surveillance video from the bus, praising Martinez's thoughtfulness on its Facebook page.

Police were later able to reunite the boy with his parents. It was not immediately clear how he became lost.