'High Maintenance' Fat Cat in Search of New Home Takes Internet by Storm

Fat cat goes viral
Wright Way Rescue/Facebook

Bruno's laid-back look has people clamoring to adopt him.

This rotund kitty has found himself down on his luck, but thanks to his full figure, he's sure to have a new forever home in no time!

Meet Bruno, the corpulent cat who's making waves without lifting a paw at Illinois' Wright Way Rescue.

The shelter in Morton Grove recently posted photos of Bruno on Facebook and his plucky pose (and paunch) has turned him into a viral sensation.

"He's the COOLEST cat," wrote rescuers. "There's a lot of me to love! I am perfectly healthy other than being overweight. I am on a diet, though. I am walking, playing and doing tricks like this to lose some weight."

In addition to weighing a formidable 25 pounds, Bruno is polydactyl, meaning he has multiple extra toes.

In Bruno's case, the harmless genetic condition has given him what look like thumbs on his paws.

Not surprisingly, animal lovers nationwide have taken interest in Bruno, leading the overwhelmed Wright Way Rescue to add an uplifting update to its post about the cat.

"He has been VERY excited with all of the interest," the update reads. "So he's taking the time to review all of his adoption applications to see which home he'd like best."