Single Woman Paddleboards, Travels, Buys Groceries in Wedding Dress Hoping to Find 'The One'

The New York City woman said her new approach to dating is to be brutally honest about what she is looking for.

They say you’ve got to dress for the job you want, so when this single woman decided she was ready to settle down, she bought the gear to prove it.

Ray, the woman behind @KnotYourAverageJewishGirl on Instagram, has spent the last several weeks of her life parading around New York City in a wedding gown and veil.

“This dress has been my journey for love, to love,” Ray told

She explained that she was sharing stories with her friends one evening about their woes of online dating and decided she would revamp her profile with a brutally honest message.

“I want romance, I like to be courted, I want patience, I like tradition […] and I want to fall in love, obviously,” Ray said. “I really do want to get married, I really want a commitment, so I’m going to create a profile with me doing everything I love but in a wedding dress.”

She found the wedding dress and veil for about $100 online, and started wearing it while doing the day-to-day things she loves.

So far, Ray has gone paddle boarding with the dress, worn it while grocery shopping and she now plans to travel to Israel and Paris with the gown in tow.

“This one is completely wash and wear,” she said. “It’s great to travel with – you can just roll it out a bunch, shove it in your suit case and then take it out. No wrinkles.”

She said friends, family, onlookers and even celebrities have all cheered her on throughout her antics in the white dress.

“People love to see you in a wedding dress – they’re clapping, they’re cheering, they’re saying, ‘Right on,’” Ray said. “[Tina Fey] was even taking my picture, she thought it was hysterical.”

The response she gets on her dating profile is just as heartwarming, with her funny photos acting as a conversation starter for potential suitors to message her.

“The reactions have been great – I’ve gone on dates, some of them lovely,” she said. “Even guys who are way out of my age league just write and say, ‘I just want to tell you that this is so great, what you’re doing. I hope I find love one day too, but I think the way you’re doing it is so brave.’”

But as for meeting the love of her life, Ray said she’s still searching for the one.

“It takes time,” Ray said. “You want this wonderful thing, you want this connection, you want to spend your life with someone. Well, sometimes that takes time to really figure out, and that’s all right.”