Kentucky Mom Arranges a Photo Shoot to Celebrate Her Son's Transition

Heather Green celebrated her son Adrian Brown (pictured) an "it's a boy" photo shoot after he came out as transgender.
Photos by Kara Davis

Heather Green planned an "it's a boy" photo shoot, complete with blue confetti and balloons, to celebrate her son's coming out.

When Heather Green's son told her he was transitioning, she knew she wanted to do something to celebrate the milestone. 

"Just as I have celebrated many other milestones in his life, this one seemed natural to honor as well," Green of Louisville, Kentucky, told of her 20-year-old son, Adrian Brown. 

So she planned an "it's a boy" photo shoot, complete with blue confetti and balloons. "The photo shoot showed my son that not only am I not ashamed, I’m exceedingly proud of him," Green said.

Brown was initially a little embarrassed, but gamely agreed, and even posed swaddled up like a baby alongside a giant teddy bear. "We had a blast," Green said. 

The sweet photos were shot by Green's boyfriend's 14-year-old daughter, Kara Davis, adding another unique touch.

"It was such a special session because not only were we celebrating [Adrian], we were empowering a young woman to create art that the world needed to see," Green said.

Since posting the photos on Facebook Jan. 29, they've been shared over 15,000 times and Green said she's heard from many other families going through the same thing. 

"Many parents have reached out to me for advice regarding their children who have expressed a desire to transition. ... I’ve had some great conversations and I hope that they will continue; no one should have to feel alone on this journey," Green said. "Everyone has to transition, the individual and their friends and families."

She added: "There is so much support out there, soak it up!"

While most hailed Green for the celebration, the photos did receive some criticism, notably from those who said Green endangered her son by outing him so publicly.

But Green emphasized that if anything, Brown feels strengthened by the response he's received.

"What I have observed is that this simple gesture of creating a Facebook post has strengthened Adrian’s resolve and empowered him beyond anything I could have predicted," she said. 

And if you're thinking of replicating the photo shoot, Green said to go ahead. 

"Several people have asked if they could steal the idea to which I respond, 'Of course, please do!'" she said. "I am truly honored that so many people have shared my post; it means the world to my family."