London Teenager Transitions Overnight While Parents Sleep

Josh Parsons told his parents he was transitioning by leaving a note on their bed.

Josh Parsons told his parents he was transitioning by leaving a note on their bed. When they woke up the next day, the 14-year-old had changed his name, cut his hair, ditched his old clothes and rearranged his bedroom.

“Josh who was then called Sarah left us a note saying that [he] loved us but wanted to be known as Josh from now on,” Josh’s mother, Lisa, told Caters News Agency.

The parents were stunned but supportive.

“He has shaved his head and is happier than I’ve ever seen him," Lisa added.

Josh said he has always felt different.  "I think I've always known since I was, since I started secondary school that I wanted to be a boy. Because I felt more happier being myself."

However, Lisa wasn’t surprised by her son's announcement. She is proud of her son and is standing by him.

The London-based family supports Josh and plans to pay for his sex reassignment surgery once he turns 16. Josh is currently on a waitlist for hormone treatments — but he has to have counseling before taking them.

Lisa also said she will cover the cost of a mastectomy if insurance won't cover it, pointing out just how important it is to her to be supportive of her child.

"Advice I'd give to parents who are going through this, who have a transgender child, is just support them. They're gonna have good and bad days, but just be there for them and answer their questions as best as you can," Lisa said.