First Male Cheerleaders to Perform at Super Bowl Gear Up for Big Day

Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron are making history for the second time.

The first male cheerleaders to ever perform at the Super Bowl will make history this weekend as part of the Los Angeles Rams’ cheerleading squad. 

Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron made the Los Angeles Rams squad in 2018 and will join 38 other cheerleaders for the squad's performance.

"It's incredible," Jinnies told Inside Edition. "L.A. fans are the best. They just embrace us with open arms and are so excited for us. We all worked hard to get here and we’re going to savor this moment.”

“We finally made it to the Super Bowl, so we’re so excited,” Peron added.

This will be the second time the pair makes history. When they joined the squad last year, Jinnies and Peron became the first male cheerleaders in the league, along with Jesse Hernandez from the New Orleans Saints squad.

While other football teams have male stunt teams, Jinnies and Peron will be the first men to dance alongside women on an NFL cheerleading team.

"They really just fit the bill to be a Los Angeles Rams cheerleader," Rams cheer captain Emily Leibert told "Good Morning America" in 2018. "They are intelligent. They are eloquent. They are more than qualified to be ambassadors out in the community."

Jinnies and Peron went through two auditions, an interview and three rehearsals last year before making the squad. 

“I cried,” Peron said in an interview at the time.

The cheerleaders aren't the only ones getting attention. Inside Edition's Super Bowl Correspondent, model Kelleth Cuthbert, who rose to fame thanks to her expert photo-bombs at the Golden Globes, joined the squad for practice ahead of the big game. 

The Rams will go up against the New England Patriots in Atlanta, Georgia, Sunday for Super Bowl LIII. The game kicks off on CBS at 6:30 p.m. ET.