Fitness Influencer Says She Got Multiple Skin Lesions After Fat-Busting Injection Treatment

Beatriz Amma got diagnosed with Mycobacterium abscessus, a drug-resistant bacterial infection that causes skin lesions.

Medical spas have become a booming business with their variety of available treatments like anti-aging, fat-busting, and IV vitamin treatments, but infections following some of the treatments have federal officials sounding the alarm on them.

Celebrities including Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and stars on the Real Housewives and "Selling Sunset" have all been shown on television getting the popularized IV vitamin treatments offered by med spas.

Despite their popularity, these unconventional treatments have people wondering how safe they are.

Fitness influencer and bikini model, Beatriz Amma, says she visited Trophy Body medical spa in Los Angeles and spent $800 for a treatment that consisted of vitamin and fat-busting injections on her arms, stomach, and back. 

Amma said that within 24 hours of getting her treatment she started noticing something was wrong. 

“I started having these incredible shakes and my body was going through these hot flashes and all of a sudden my skin just starts hurting and these welts just start growing throughout my skin,” Amma tells Inside Edition.

Multiple lesions formed across Amma’s skin in the spots where she received the needle injections. When she reached out to the Los Angeles medspa that did her treatment, she says they told her the swelling was normal after that type of treatment and told her to take ibuprofen.

Despite the spa saying it was normal, Amma knew her sores were not. She later got diagnosed with Mycobacterium abscessus, a drug-resistant bacterial infection, that causes skin lesions.

“We believe that whatever they injected me with was contaminated with mycobacterium,” Amma tells Inside Edition.

The painful lesions ended up leaving scars all over the bikini model's body and now Amma regrets ever walking into the medical spa. 

Amma is suing the Los Angeles med spa over the incident but they are denying her claims.

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