Florida Carjacking Suspect Leveled by Army Veteran After Assaulting Pregnant Woman, Say Cops

Army veteran Shane Spicer tells Inside Editon he ran over and "hit the guy on the side of the head a couple of times."

An army veteran saved the day for a pregnant woman after she found herself being attacked by a suspected carjacker in Florida.

Shane Spicer, who served as a paratrooper, found himself jumping into action once again during a recent trip to Starbucks.

He and his girlfriend, Victoria, were at the drive-through waiting to make their order when a driver suspected of carjacking crashed the vehicle he was driving at a nearby intersection while being pursued by police.

Police say the suspect then raced over to the Starbucks drive-through and tried to steal the car of a pregnant woman, whose vehicle was directly in front of Shane.

The suspect allegedly started to pull and yank the pregnant woman, but soon found his efforts thwarted when Shane decided to step in and help the pregnant woman.

Shane tells Inside Editon he ran over and "hit the guy on the side of the head a couple of times."

That was enough to cause him to release the pregnant woman, but Shane was not done just yet.

He then chased after the man as he tried to flee the scene, pinning him to a wall once he finally managed to catch the suspect.

"I wasn't letting him go anywhere at that point," Shane says.

From there the police took over, but not before praising Shane's "heroic action."

His girlfriend says it comes as no surprise to her or anyone who knows Shane that he would step in and save the day.

"Everybody who knows him would probably say this is something that they're not surprised with," Victoria tells Inside Edition.

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