Florida Cops Find 2 Dead Alligators In Vehicle Following Crash

Gator SUV
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

A crash involving an SUV brought authorities to the scene but they didn't expect to find the dead reptiles in the vehicle.

Florida police were stunned when they say they found two dead alligators inside an SUV while reporting to the scene of a crash involving the vehicle last week, People reported.

Cops in Wauchula, Florida, found the two dead alligators hanging out of the rear window of an SUV following a crash, People reported.

One of the men allegedly admitted to killing the 6-and-a-half-foot and the 8-foot gators during a fishing trip and reportedly told authorities he did it because the reptiles were “bothering” him, according to Hardee County Sheriff's Office incident report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

The incident report added that the two men were transporting the reptiles in their SUV before they crashed.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were sent to the scene of the crash to help remove the gators.

"When our officer was asked to assist with a vehicle accident involving two people and two alligators, he wasn't sure what to expect," the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted on Facebook Friday. “The officer immediately removed them from the vehicle and, just to be safe, secured their mouths using electrical tape.”

The statewide recreational alligator hunting season runs from Aug. 15 through Nov. 1 each year and a permit is required for recreational hunting of alligators in Florida, and they can be legally killed only in designated areas, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Authorities have not publicly identified the suspects nor were their images shown in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Facebook post. It is unclear what charges the two men face. The Florida Highway Patrol is now investigating the accident.

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