Florida Deputy Rescues 3-Year-Old Who Was Clinging to Life in Hot Car

The drama unfolded on Father's Day and the Seminole County Sheriff's Office has now released the footage.

Dramatic video shows the moment a Florida police officer rescued an ailing 3-year-old from a hot car on Father's Day.

Though the incident unfolded in June, the Seminole County Sheriff's Office recently released footage that shows a girl clinging to life as Deputy Bill Dunn first encounters her in a parking lot.

Temperatures were around 80 degrees at the time, but Dunn believes the interior of the car was as high as 110 degrees.

In breathtaking bodycam video, the girl can be seen just as Dunn saw her: all but lifeless.

Dashcam footage then shows Dunn as he races to his cruiser to get the girl into the air conditioning. 

Just as soon as the girl began to show signs of life, Dunn raced her to the hospital.

After three days, she was released.

Now, the Seminole County Sheriff's Office wants the footage to serve as a lesson to parents everywhere, as well as a celebration of Dunn's heroism.

"For the third time this year, we’re proud to spotlight one of our life-saving employees. In June Deputy Bill Dunn rescued from a hot car, a three year old girl barely clinging to life," the department posted on Facebook along with the footage. "Now that she has recovered, here’s more on why children get left behind, and some simple ways to avoid a tragedy."