Florida Man Reported to 911 by Downstairs Neighbors for Yelling ‘Shoot!’ Was Just Exuberant Hockey Fan

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A Florida couple called 911 after hearing their upstairs neighbor yelling “Shoot! Shoot!” But when police arrived, the neighbor turned out to be a passionate fan watching the Stanley Cup finals.

Devon Garnett got pretty excited cheering on his beloved Tampa Bay Lightning team. “I yelled out, really loud, ‘Shoot! Shoot!’” he told Inside Edition.

Maybe he and his buddies were a little too exuberant, because it prompted their downstairs neighbors to become so worried that they reported it to the police.

“My fiance looked at me and just kind of questioned, like did you hear what I heard?” Christine Castillo told Inside Edition. “And we heard somebody say, ‘I dare you to shoot!,’ so we got worried.”

“To me it was no question, it was a situation of domestic violence,” Cesar Camacho said.

The couple then called the police.

“We just get this loud bang on the door,” Garnett said. “I see it's the cops, and I'm like, ‘Oh no, oh no.’ So, my friend goes out and talks to the cops at first, and they immediately ask him, ‘Where are the guns at?’ And he’s like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, what do you mean?’ They’re like, ‘We hear there’s a domestic dispute. Where are the guns at?’ And he’s like ‘No sir, we’re just watching the Lightning game.’”

When the neighbors realized it was all a big mistake, they sent over a 12-pack of beer, along with a note.

“Sorry about Wednesday night LOL. I grew up around a lot of domestic violence and I legitimately thought someone was going to get shot,” the note said.

Garnett is selling t-shirts that say “Shoot the puck,” with a portion of the proceeds going to local domestic violence charities.

“It might be only like my little 15 minutes of fame, but we do want to raise awareness and raise money for local charities in Tampa Bay,” he said.


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