Florida Middle School Students Plotted to Kill Classmates and Drink Their Blood in the Name of the Devil: Cops

Hand-drawn map
Bartow Police Department

A pair of Florida middle school girls allegedly plotted to kill fellow students and drink their blood, according to investigators. 

The Bartow Middle School students were found lurking in a school bathroom by the assistant principal with an arsenal of knives and even a pizza cutter. A goblet was also found in the bathroom.

The girls "were waiting in the bathroom for [an] opportunity to find smaller kids they could overpower to be their victims,” Bartow Police Chief Joe Hall said in a news conference Wednesday. 

The girls, who are 11 and 12 years old, told police that they had planned to kill at least 15 people in the name of devil worship

"As I sat there last night [and] watched these interviews [with investigators], I do not believe this was a joke," Hall added.

In messages found on the girls' cellphones after they were arrested, they allegedly wrote that they would leave "body parts at the entrance" and then take their own lives. 

A search of their homes turned up a hand-drawn map with the words "Go to kill in bathroom" written on it, police said. 

“This is horrific, and if I had children in school I’d be scared to death,” Hall said. 


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