Florida State Trooper Heroically Pushes Man Out of the Way of Out-of-Control Car

On Friday, the officer reunited with the man whose life he saved.

A Florida state trooper who miraculously escaped death after a car plowed into him is reflecting on the near-fatal incident. 

Mithil Patel was investigating an accident scene on Interstate 95 in Hope Sound earlier this month when a black Audi came out of nowhere.

All the trooper's instincts kicked in, and he pushed a man he was speaking to out of the way before being struck and flipping into the air.

On Friday, the trooper was in good spirits, making light of the terrifying moment he went airborne.

"I did not land perfect unfortunately, didn't get a 10, I got a 0 on that one. I gotta practice more often at home,” he said at a press conference. 

Rony Bottex, 65, called the trooper a hero for saving his life and the two men embraced for the first time since the near-death experience.

Authorities said the black car was rear-ended by a white truck, causing it to spin out of control.