Florida Teen Pleads Guilty to Strangling Mom to Death After Argument About Bad Grades

After Greg Ramos came home with a D on his report card, he and his mom got into an argument. Ramos admitted he strangled his mom later that night.

A Florida teen has admitted to strangling his mother over a bad grade. Greg Ramos was once a member of a police youth group and dreamed of becoming a homicide detective.

In November 2018, when Ramos came home with a D on his report card, he and his mom got into an argument. Around midnight, he allegedly snuck into his mom’s room and strangled her. Then he went to get a wheelbarrow to bring the body out of the house.

Ramos called police and claimed there had been a break-in at the home and his mom was missing.

“I checked the entire house because I was looking for her but she's not here,” Ramos can be heard saying to police in body cam footage. “I just got home and my house is completely trashed. It looks like someone broke in the side door.”

The body cam video shows Ramos, who was just 15, taking cops through the house outside Orlando. He even told police what the so-called burglar took.

“I had my, like, a thousand-dollar, like, computer here,” Ramos said.

The teen later broke down under interrogation. His 46-year-old mother’s body was found in a fire pit near a church outside Orlando.

“He's extremely remorseful and he regrets his actions every day,” Ramos’ lawyer Matthew Phillips told Inside Edition.

Ramos will be sentenced to 45 years in prison in January. He will be eligible for parole in 25 years.

“In 33 years of policing, he’s one of the top three sociopaths that I have ever come in contact with,” Sheriff Mike Chitwood told Inside Edition.