Florida Teenager Intentionally Causes Accident, Possibly Saving a Life

A Florida teenager intentionally caused a car accident-- in order to save a life.
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A Florida teenager intentionally caused a car accident — in order to save a life.

Olivia Jones pulled the heroic act two days before Christmas. That’s when she said she was stopped at a red light in Clearwater, when she noticed the driver next to her was slumped over.

“I thought she was texting because she was looking straight down. And then she started seizing,” the Clearwater High School student told WTSP.The woman was also foaming at the mouth.

Jones noticed her car was starting to slide into oncoming traffic and tried to alert the drivers behind her, to no avail.

That’s when Jones said she pulled her car in front of the woman’s, letting it hit hers. “She was kind of like seizing out of the car. I took her seat belt off. She had blood and had peed herself," she said. "I was on the phone with 911.”

Authorities arrived two minutes later.

Jones added she is constantly discussing her aspirations of becoming an orthopedic surgeon with her family.

“I always talk to them about who I want to be in the medical field and how I want to save people and they’re like, ‘That’s how you got started. That’s your first step.’”


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