Foodies Can Now Get the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich — as a Costume

The demand for the coveted sandwich is still there.

The eagerly anticipated Popeyes chicken sandwich is about to return in a big way as the restaurant chain announced it “is coming soon.” But that's not the only way foodies can get a hold of the grub.

The fast food chain is encouraging fans to download its app to get an alert when the sandwich is available again. But the anticipation is so intense for the item that there's even a Halloween costume called the "Sold Out Chicken Sandwich." The get up was sold by realtor Yandy and, like the chicken sandwich it is inspired by, the costume is sold out on their website. 

“A few too many fast food lovers fantasized about this five star fried feast,” the description of the costume read. “Is it due to that unbelievable batter or maybe its drool-worthy bun? Either way, these seasoned breasts will be back on full display in no time.”

There was an absolute frenzy around the country this summer for the fried chicken sandwich with pickles on a brioche bun. Popeyes sold an estimated 1,000 chicken sandwiches per store each day. 

It's been off the menu since Aug. 27, when the restaurant posted a note saying, “Y'all. We love that you love the sandwich.Unfortunately we're sold out (for now).”

At one point after the sandwich was gone, the chain trolled fans on Instagram and told them to bring their own buns to the store and make their own. 

Inside Edition hears the popular item will officially make its return on Nov. 3. Popeyes ran out of the cut of chicken to supply its 2,400 locations. The company has been working to get new chicken suppliers that will provide the specific cut of breast used for the sandwich.