Forget Ugly Christmas Sweaters! 'Fam Jams' Are the Latest Seasonal Trend

It's the latest trend taking social media - and holiday cards - by storm.

The holidays are about family... so why not dress alike this year?

"Fam Jams" — or matching pajamas for the whole family — are the latest seasonal trend taking social media by storm.

The Marcels, of Long Island, N.Y., are just one of the many families coordinating their festive wear this Christmas. 

The family of four, including mom Missy, dad Vladimir, 3-year-old Connor and 14-month-old Stuart, are matching their winter looks after seeing the #FamJams trend pick up steam.

“When I first saw the pajamas, I thought it was dorky,” Missy Marcel told CBS News. “But then I saw more and more, and I thought, 'We should really get involved.'”

Her husband said he didn't mind matching with his family, but joked, "I felt slightly differently when she mentioned we'd be wearing them in an interview."

The demand for coordinating pajamas is so great that Walmart is making them for babies, toddlers and even dogs.

Celebrities are getting in on the fad, too, including Kourtney Kardashian, who shared a photo of her children, Mason and Penelope, wearing matching PJs. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are also embracing the trend with their kids.


Another family, the Johnsons, of Bethesda, Md., even wore theirs for their holiday card.

"It's like the ugly sweater tradition," dad Kevin Johnson said. "The uglier and crazier it is, the more interesting it is! Holidays give you the opportunity to let your hair down, and do something crazy for the sake of the holidays."