Former 'Deal or No Deal' Briefcase Models Dish on Working With Meghan Markle

The women say it was clear that Markle knew that she had larger aspirations.

The women of "Deal or No Deal" have reunited to celebrate their former colleague Meghan Markle and her upcoming wedding

When Markle was just 24 years old, she landed a job on the hottest game show on television. She was briefcase model No. 24. 

The models remember their first interactions with the soon-to-be royal.

“My impression was she was always super sweet, but very quiet," Sarah Doll, briefcase model No. 7, told Inside Edition.

Patricia Kara was assigned to briefcase No. 9. She remembers Markle kept to herself, but was very sweet. 

Kasie Head says it was clear Markle had larger aspirations than being a briefcase model.

"She was friendly but kept to herself," she recalled. "She was lovely. She was very, very smart and very much wanted to be an actress."

Claudia Jordan, who held briefcase No. 1, says Markle saw the show as a stepping stone.

"I didn’t feel she loved it," Jordan said. "She wasn't like [how] I loved it. It was just a stop along the way."

Markle would later go on to star in the USA series "Suits."

The women of “Deal or No Deal” say the 17-hour-long days while standing in high heels were grueling.

After filming, they liked to go out afterwards to blow off steam and sometimes they were still in their show makeup. 

Jordan says that Markle didn’t go out with the other ladies when they did. 

The future princess also reportedly avoided Donald Trump when he visited the show looking for a model to appear on "Celebrity Apprentice."

With the royal wedding just days away, the former "Deal or No Deal" models say it's time to celebrate their most famous alumna and had a cake made up to look like her silver briefcase, No. 24.