Fortnite-Inspired Dance Classes Encourage Kids to Get Off the Couch

One of instructor Amy Lenoble's favorite moves is the floss.

Parents have a complicated relationship with Fortnite, but not when it involves getting their kids off the couch.

The game, sometimes described as a cross between Minecraft and "The Hunger Games," has become a sensation around the world and a California dance studio is jumping on the bandwagon with a new class, teaching kids how to do the many moves Fortnite characters perform in the game.

“They use dance moves to overcome the enemy so the kids are really looking at it and trying it,” said Amy Lenoble, the dance instructor at En Point Dance and Fitness in Long Beach.

One of the many dance moves she teaches is the Floss, popularized by both Backpack Kid and Fortnite alike.

“So the Floss starts on your right, your hands go one way, your hip leans away,” Lenoble said as she taught Parker, one of her young students, to do the move.

Mom Michelle Connoley added that she was thankful the game and the dance class is encouraging her kids to get some exercise.

“I love it,” she told KCBS. “I think it’s so great, I think it’s a great way to get exercise and be entertained and to connect with other kids without it having to be through a device.”