Terminally Ill Boy Gets to Play Unreleased Game He Thought He Wouldn't Have the Chance to

Krista Park
Credit: Krista Park

The 12-year-old had pre-ordered the game, which won't be released until November.

A terminally ill 12-year-old got his wish to play a new version of his favorite video game, a moment he wasn’t sure he’d experience.

Wes Pak’s family was told last month that his cancer had metastasized and doctors recommended stopping treatment.

“We weren’t expecting it,” Wes’ mom, Krista Pak, told InsideEdition.com. “We went up there for scans and his labs ended up being off. It showed the cancer had spread throughout his body.”

Pak, of Newport News, VA., said she had to break the news to Wes and it was heart-wrenching.

“It’s so unfair that he’s fought for seven-and-a-half years just to reach this outcome,” Pak said.  “We tell him everything. When we told him he was absolutely devastated.”

A few days later when the news set in, Wes broke down crying at a MRI scan saying, “I just realized I am not going to get to play Fallout 76.”

Pak said the 12-year-old had pre-ordered the Power Armor Edition of the new Fallout 76, but it won't be released until November. It’s not guaranteed that Wes will make it that long.

Pak decided to tell a friend who reached out to the gaming company and within a week, they brought the game to Wes’ home and surprised him with an entire day of play.

He also received the first prototype of the Power Armor helmet that will be included in the new release.

He couldn’t keep the game due to it not being released yet, but the fact that he was able to play was extremely special to him.

"He was just completely zoned in on the game. He was very into it,” Pak said. “He was speechless. We didn’t tell him anything about it. He couldn’t believe we pulled it off and he actually got to do it.”

Pak said now they are just focusing on doing what Wes enjoys.

“We want to make sure whatever time he has left we are spending it doing what he wants,” Pak said.