Franzia Creating Box Wine Costume for Dogs This Halloween

Dog Wine

The dogs do not have to be of drinking age to put on the costume.

Nothing says cute, hilarious, and very clever like Franzia’s latest invention — a box wine costume for dogs.

The wine company, whose famous box of booze is now coming to a puppy near you, has teamed up with BARK to create what might be the talk of the Halloween season this year, People reported.

The box wine costume retails for $15 on BARK’s website and “Pairs beautifully with the velvety plush mouth-feel of the Cabernet Slobbernon BARK x Franzia toy, fermented with stuffing, squeakers, and a long pour of T-shirt rope. Delivered and aged to perfection in a cardboard box,” according to BARK’s website.

Sadly, there is no booze inside these costumes for the dog’s owners to indulge in but they are totally safe for the animal.

This is not Franzia’s first foray into the Halloween costume world — Food and Wine points out that the company sold full-body costumes in 2020 for humans, and in 2021 they upgraded those costumes to literally dispense wine.

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