Fraternity Brothers Band Together to Pay Off Longtime House Cook’s Mortgage on Her 74th Birthday

When Louisiana State University fraternity brothers caught wind that Jessie Hamilton was still working, they banded together to celebrate her birthday and give her a check to pay off the rest of her mortgage.

Jessie Hamilton spent 14 years as a cook for the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house at Louisiana State University. When some of the guys who lived in the house in the 1980s found out she was still working, they came up with an amazing 74th birthday gift.

They gave out t-shirts to memorialize the day and Jessie was presented with a check for $6,675.

“You’re the only one that I know in this world that could walk into that hot kitchen working for minimum wage with a smile on your face every single day,” one of the brothers said.

But they had one more big gift: the brothers had bonded together and pooled their money to pay off the remaining $45,000 on Jessie’s mortgage.

“We had to do something about that and that’s why we’re here for you,” the brother said.

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