Friends Band Together to Fight Dangerous Flames Threatening Apartment Building

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Incredible footage out of California shows a band of brothers saving the homes of complete strangers.

Dramatic video and photos show embers raining down as friends from high school armed only with hoses risk their lives to put out an inferno in Ventura.

The five guys even climb onto the roof to spray down a palm tree on fire that is dangerously close to igniting the building. 

On Thursday, Inside Edition brought the heroes together and they revealed what inspired them to spring into action.

"We were in it for the long haul and we wanted to help however we could," one of the heroes said.

"We were just members in the community that wanted to help out," another added.

The guys surprisingly didn't coordinate their rescue efforts and just showed up separately. They said it was a "relief" to see a familiar face. 

It was dangerous and they had to watch for burning embers since they weren't wearing protective fire gear. One of the guys had the top of his nose burned a bit as well as the side of his neck, but he says he's "fine." 

Together, the men from Camarillo High School helped save three homes and an apartment building.

The neighbors said they grateful for the actions of the friends. 


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