From Attacks in Pizzerias to Subway Stations: Random Acts of Violence Are Surging in America

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"Will No One Help Us?" was the headline on the New York Post's front page Wednesday.

Random acts of terror caught on camera are shocking the nation.

In one incident, an elderly man was sitting at a pizzeria in Manhattan recently when a total stranger slammed him with a chair. The victim’s cellphone went flying and the assailant grabbed the device and took off running.

The victim, Vincent Buccino, 64, spoke to Inside Edition from a rehab center where he is recovering.

“I instantly raised my arm to protect my face and this is what happened,” he said.

The attack took place just blocks from the Inside Edition studios on the west side of Manhattan. The victim, who was just minding his own business before his world exploded in pain, is only one of many in a string of horrific acts of random violence battering the nation.

One woman was in a New York subway station when a stranger grabbed her and threw her to the ground. The attacker, reportedly a convicted killer, pounded and stomped on the woman before casually walking away.

Elizabeth Gomes, 33, may lose sight in one eye and is begging New York’s Mayor Eric Adams to do something about the surge in crime.

"Will No One Help Us?" was the headline on the New York Post's front page Wednesday.

But it isn’t just isolated attacks in New York City: A  23-year-old walking home from a party in Philadelphia last Thursday was shot in the head by a total stranger.

Cops say Temple University Graduate Everett Beauregard didn't exchange a single word with his killer.

A staggering 750 people have been shot in Philadelphia just since Memorial Day, according to police.

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