Fyre Founder Will Reportedly Release a Book About Failed Festival

Fyre Founder Will Reportedly Release a Book About Failed Festival
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Billy McFarland says he'd like to throw another festival.

Billy McFarland is reportedly writing a memoir from behind bars, saying he’d like to throw a follow up to the bungled Fyre Festival.

The New Yorker reports that McFarland, through girlfriend Anastasia Eremenko, reached out to freelance editor Josh Raab to help him write the project.

Tentatively titled “Promythus: The God of Fyre,” the book would follow his career — beginning with his shuddered 2011 startup and leading up to the FBI visiting him just days after the 2017 music festival’s demise.

McFarland is currently an inmate at the Federal Correctional Institution in New York.

He reportedly has been handwriting the book, which he says should amount to 800 pages. Eremenko has been typing them up and delivering them to Raab. However, Raab ultimately declined to work with McFarland on “Promythus: The God of Fyre.”

Both Netflix and Hulu released documentaries about Fyre Festival in January. McFarland reportedly says his book will allow him to share the “raw” story on what happened.

He also reportedly says he would like the profits from it to help chip away at the $26 million in restitution he was ordered to pay when he was sentenced to six years in prison in October 2018.

The New Yorker reports that McFarland has been struggling to "fully come to terms" with the failed festival's affect on the Bahamian people, but he wants to give proceeds to them, vendors and ticket-holders. The magazine added that McFarland said organizers spent $40 million putting the event together, leaving vendors with more than enough money.

McFarland says he planned for his book to be available on Amazon in late April. It has not yet been released.