Gabby Petito's Mom Blasts Laundrie Family as Pressure Mounts for Them to End Silence in Missing Woman's Case

"We're not gonna ask anything else of them, because they obviously aren't cooperating,” Nichole Schmidt says of the family. A gathering of neighbors calling on Brian Laundrie, a person of interest in the case, to reveal what he knows is set for tonight.

Gabby Petito's distraught mother is lashing out today at Brian Laundrie's family for their continued refusal to cooperate in the search for the missing 22-year-old “van life” travel blogger.

“We're not gonna ask anything else of them, because they obviously aren't cooperating,” Nichole Schmidt said. Schmidt and her son, TJ, spoke to Inside Edition after Laundrie’s sister became the first member of her family to go on TV.

Cassie Laundrie appeared on “Good Morning America” on Friday.

“Me and my family want Gabby to be found safe. She's like a sister, and my children love her. And all I want is for her to come home safe and sound and this to be just a big misunderstanding,” Cassie said.

“She can do more. She can tell them, ‘What are you doing? Let's get her home,’” Schmidt said.

Petito, 22, was reported missing by her family last weekend, after her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, returned home to Florida from a cross-country road trip without her.

Cassie admits she has not spoken to her brother since he returned from the trip.

“I've cooperated every way that I can. I wish I had information or I would give more. This is all I have, this — I gave to the police,” Cassie said.

Neighbors in North Port, Florida, where Brian lives with his parents, drove a golf cart by the house carrying signs saying “Bring Gabby Home" and "North Port Loves Gabby.”

“Truth always comes out,” another sign said.

"Where is she?" was posted on a stop sign.

A gathering of neighbors calling on Brian, a person of interest in the investigation, to reveal what he knows is scheduled for tonight. 

Last night, a lawyer for Petito’s family read a letter to Laundrie’s parents, begging them to help.

“Gabby lived with you for over a year. She's going to be your daughter-in-law. How can you keep her location hidden?” he said.

The Laundrie family says they are being tight-lipped on the advice of their lawyer.

Petito's baffling disappearance is gripping the nation. Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville spoke about the case on CNN.

“In many of these disappearances, it is often the person who is the intimate partner who is the first individual that police or authorities want to talk to, which is why they very much want to speak to this man. He's the last known person who had been with her,” Norville said.

The focus of attention remains on Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming — Petito’s last known whereabouts with Brian. Inside Edition spoke to Petito’s stepfather, James Schmidt, who is there.

“Are there boots on the ground looking for Gabby?” Inside Edition reporter Steven Fabian asked James.

“They’re out there. They’re following whatever lead they may have. We believe that she's here somewhere and if she is, that's where they would be looking,” James said.

Grand Teton is vast, with about 480 square miles of magnificent mountains and trails.

Petito’s brother, TJ, is the first of her five siblings to speak out.

“She was always just that fun, light person in the group. She was never the person bringing the group down or anything, ever. She was unlike anyone else,” TJ said.

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