Gang Leader Tries to Escape Brazil Prison Dressed as His Teenage Daughter

Clauvino da Silva wore a wig, a bra and a silicone mask, police said.

A Brazilian gang leader dressed as his teenage daughter tried to walk out of prison, but his nervousness gave him away, authorities said. 

Clauvino da Silva, aka "Shorty," donned a wig, a pink T-shirt, a padded bra and a silicone mask to impersonate his 19-year-old daughter to escape Gericino prison in western Rio de Janeiro, officials said.

But he was so jittery as he walked out the gates, guards became suspicious and stopped him, prison authorities said. 

Police are questioning his daughter as a possible accomplice in Saturday's would-be escape.

Part of the plan apparently entailed leaving his daughter, who had come to visit, inside the prison.

Da Silva was a leader in the Red Command, one of Brazil's most powerful crime syndicates, authorities said. He is serving a 73-year sentence. 

It is not his first attempt to escape. In January 2013, he was one of 31 convicts who tried to dig their way out of that same prison, by tunneling through sewers.

Da Silva ran freebut was captured the next month when he tried to take control of a shantytown with several heavily armed men, authorities said.