Gang Member in Custody for Dousing Officers With Water: Cops

Police are looking for more people who were caught on camera drenching officers with water and even throwing a bucket.

One suspect is in custody after men were caught on camera hurling a bucket at an NYPD cop's head and drenching other officers with water.

The cops in that video did not react or make any arrests after the bucket was tossed over the weekend during the blistering heat. The lack of reaction from the officers sparked a debate over what they should have done.

A high-ranking NYPD chief had stern words for the officers, saying, "Any cop who thinks that is alright, that they can walk away from something like that, maybe should reconsider whether or not this is a profession for them."

Cops in the video taken in Harlem were handcuffing someone wanted on a warrant when they were surrounded. The officer who was hit in the head with a bucket "suffered pain and swelling to the back of his head,” according to a report. 

During the heat wave in New York City over the weekend, two cops were filmed getting repeatedly doused and mocked in Brooklyn as well and also did not do anything. 

The cops are both reportedly rookies with less than a year on the job. They "never mentioned the incident to their fellow officers for fear of being teased."

One man seen dumping a blue bucket of water over a cop's head turned himself in. Police described him as a known gang member on probation. He's charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction, criminal nuisance and harassment.

Officials also released surveillance images of other men they say were involved in the cop-dousing incidents.

Another video, also taken in New York City over the weekend, showed a young woman being soaked with buckets of water as she pleaded with cops for help. Two suspects have been arrested and one so far has been charged with criminal mischief.