Garbage Crew Manages to Find Man's Wallet Under 9 Tons of Trash

Pile of black garbage bags
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An Indiana man on the hunt for his lost wallet never thought it would be found –– let alone under 9 tons of trash.

When Robert Nolte asked a friend to throw out clothes he no longer needed, he didn't realize that his wallet with a wad of cash was going into the garbage with them, the Pharos-Tribune reported. Which is why the Indiana resident was pleasantly surprised to learn that his wallet, and the money inside it, had been found –– under 9 tons of trash.

“I had asked a friend to toss some old pants in the trash because they had paint all over them, and later, when I went to look all over the house for my wallet, I couldn’t find it,” Nolte told the Pharos-Tribune. 

Nolte, of Logansport, took his wife's advice and called a code enforcement officer in hopes of retrieving his lost money.

Johnny Quinones answered the call and originally told him that "there would be no way to find it," he told the outlet.

To Nolte's advantage, the pile of trash that day was a lighter load than its typical 12-ton collection –– and his pants were found at the bottom of the pile.

“It smelled a little bad and it was a bit wet, but I can buy another wallet,” Nolte told the outlet.

Nolte tried rewarding Quinones for his hard work with a $100 bill with which he'd just been reunited, but Quinones refused. 

“Johnny, being the nice guy that he is, wouldn’t take the money,” Nolte told the outlet. “He just said, ‘God will do me better down the road.’”

“I didn’t think I was going to get it back. I’m so thankful.”