George Clooney's Scary Scooter Accident Seen in Newly Revealed Footage: 'He Could Have Been Killed'

The disturbing video was captured on a camera outside a luxury resort hotel on Sardinia, Italy.

Video of George Clooney’s terrifying head-on collision with a car in Italy Tuesday has been released. 

In the video, a truck pulled up to the corner, where a Mercedes slowed to turn left, partially entering Clooney’s lane. An instant later, Clooney’s scooter collides with the Mercedes at 60 mph, hurling the actor into the air on the Italian island of Sardinia. 

The disturbing surveillance footage was captured by a camera posted outside a luxury resort hotel on Sardinia, yards from the accident scene.

Security expert and motorcycle enthusiast Pat Brosnan looked at the video for Inside Edition. 

"Thankfully the car had stopped, so only Clooney and his vehicle were moving," he said. "So, luckily, you didn't have the double impact and inertia of both of them moving at the same time. It probably would be a completely different story." 

The video also shows Clooney's bodyguard, on another scooter, narrowly avoiding a collision himself. 

Clooney was hospitalized with a bruised leg and arm and slight trauma to the pelvis. The injuries were not considered serious and he was released later Tuesday. 

Clooney was seen lying in the road after the accident. His injuries were originally feared to be devastating as he was unable to move his legs at first. 

The spider web crack in the car's windshield where Clooney’s head struck is visible and People magazine quoted a family source saying, "He could have been killed."

The driver of the Mercedes, a 64-year-old plumber, is speaking out, telling Italian media: “I couldn't see anything. I had the sun in my eyes. I had gone a little way over the white line. I'm in shock. It happened in an instant." 

He said the 57-year-old actor's bodyguard told him, "You just hit George Clooney."

Clooney is currently on the Italian island directing and starring in "Catch-22," a miniseries for Hulu based on the classic novel.  He's expected back on the set soon.