George Floyd's Funeral Service in Houston Church Packed With Mourners Looking for Change

George Floyd coffin carried
Getty Images

A cry for justice and change punctuated Tuesday funeral services for George Floyd, the 46-year-old who died after being pinned down by a police officer for nearly nine seconds. The worldwide movement sparked by his death has shown no signs of abating — a point that was emphasized as Floyd was eulogized.

Mourners packed Foundation of Praise Church in his hometown of Houston to pay their respects in a private service for invited guests only.

The ceremony was filled with poignant moments. As his golden coffin was wheeled in, police saluted. His grieving family and friends viewed his body for the last time. Floyd's 6-year-old daughter Gianna arrived with her mom behind her.

Actor Jamie Foxx stood up as he was acknowledged from the pulpit. He was wearing a mask that had Floyd's name written on it. Guests were told to keep their masks on at all times, as social distancing proved to be impossible to achieve. As a singer performed, there was an incredible moment when an artist drew a picture of George upside-down before flipping it around to reveal his portrait. 

At one point, the family embraced in grief.

Reverend Al Sharpton delivered Floyd's eulogy – and at the heart of it was a call for justice. Floyd's coffin was carried by a horse drawn carriage for the last mile to the cemetery as people lined the road to pay their final respects.


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