Georgia Authorities Release 'Baby-Sitting While Black' 911 Call: 'I Just Had a Funny Feeling'

The caller follows Corey Lewis despite the dispatcher's urging not to.

Georgia authorities have released the 911 call placed by a woman who said she was concerned when she saw a black man baby-sitting two white children.

"I see this black gentleman with these two little white kids, so I just had a funny feeling," the woman, who has not been identified, tells the dispatcher. 

Corey Lewis said he was in the parking lot of a Cobb County Walmart Sunday when he noticed the woman was watching him and the two children, ages 6 and 10, whom he was baby-sitting. 

“She pulls around to the car and she asks, ‘Are the kids all right?’ I said, ‘Why wouldn’t they be?’” Lewis told earlier this week. “She gave a shoulder shrug. She left and then she came back … and said, ‘Can I speak to the little girl and ask her if she knows who you are?’ I said, 'No.'"

In the call, the woman describes following Lewis. "I rode around again and I said, 'Let me see the little girl,' and he goes, 'No,' and I said, 'Well, let me just see the little girl and just see that she knows you,'" the woman says. 

She continues: "He just got gas and now he's pulling away. Should I follow him?" 

"No, ma'am. I recommend not following him," the dispatcher replies. 

The woman ignored the dispatcher and followed Lewis anyway. He documented it in Facebook Live. "She's following me to my house, to my home," Lewis says in the video.

Eventually police showed up to question the children, whose parents were stunned by the encounter. 

David Parker and Dana Mango told "Good Morning America" Wednesday that an officer called them to double-check that Lewis was authorized to take care of their son and daughter.

"It truly took me several minutes to believe that it was real," Mango said. "I was just in a state of disbelief." 

The children were worried for Lewis.

"They were scared that they would say the wrong thing and cause him to get arrested," Mango said. 

After Inside Edition played the 911 call for Parker, he said: "It all sort of looked like harassment rather than genuine concern."