Georgia Police Seek Vandal Who Added Googly Eyes to Nathanael Greene Statue

Googly-eyed statue
City of Savannah Government

Police in Savannah, Georgia, are searching for the perpetrator who put googly eyes on a historic statue.

The vandalism is hard to spot from afar, but up close the Nathanael Greene statue in Johnson Square shows new life.

"It may look funny but harming our historic monuments and public property is no laughing matter, in fact, it's a crime," the City of Savannah Government warned on Facebook Thursday. 

Despite the stern words, the post elicited all sorts of googly-eyed jokes. 

"I can see it now, a SWAT team storming a Hobby Lobby and somebody getting arrested for having googly eyes in their shopping cart," one person commented. 

"Midnight in the Garden of Googly and Evil," wrote another. 

"Don’t vandal-eyes," added a third.

Police said they are reviewing surveillance footage to determine who's at fault. 

The city urged anyone with any information to contact the Savannah Police Department. 


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