German Shepherd Rescued After Hiding From Overnight Storms Underneath a Pickup Truck

The frightened pup named Booger is uninjured and home with its owner.

A sweet German shepherd named Booger was rescued in Lufkin, Texas after overnight storms scared the terrified dog into climbing beneath the undercarriage of a truck. Its owner Roger Grimes said he didn’t realize what happened until he saw a suspicious tail sticking out from under his pickup truck.

The tricky rescue started with removing parts of the car’s undercarriage so rescuers from the Lufkin Fire Department could reach the dog.

Then came the tricky part. Because Booger was so frightened, Lufkin Police said the pup kept attempting to bite its rescuers and had to be sedated and muzzled.

But Booger was eventually rescued, and is now in good health.

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