'Ghost' Rearranging 72-Year-Old Man's Shed Turns Out to Be Orderly Mouse

Veterinarian Laurie Hess guessed the mouse just wanted its environment a certain way.

What 72-year Stephen Mckears originally thought was a poltergeist rearranging his garden shed late at night turned out to be a hardworking mouse.

Mckears, of Severn Beach in England, said he started noticing something was wrong when a box began filling with plastic clips, nuts, bolts and screws without explanation.

“The heaviest thing was the plastic attachment at the end of a hose pipe and the chain of an electric drill,” Mckears told SWNS. “I didn’t know what it was at first. The kids were saying it was a ghost.”

He asked a neighbor to borrow a trail camera and soon discovered the culprit was actually a hard-working mouse.

Veterinarian Laurie Hess told InsideEdition.com the behavior was actually quite normal among rodents.

“They are definitely gatherers, whether it’s food or objects,” she said. “They have been known to gather and line up things, pick up things.”

She explained this has to do with rodents’ obsession with cleanliness and organization, despite their reputation of being dirty animals.

“They’re actually very clean and they’re very meticulous,” Hess said. “They are just innately very organized and very neat.”

While Hess has not observed the particular mouse plaguing Mckears’ home, she guessed it has to do with the mouse wanting to reorganize his home.

“A lot of animals like things in their environment a certain way and if you upset that environment, they’re able to put it back to where they’re comfortable,” she explained.

“They are creatures of habit.”