Gigantic, Wild-Looking Ship Tows Cruise Ships in Times of Trouble


The 275-meter-long Boka Vanguard is usually used to transport large structures, but occasionally it helps transport other boats.

A gigantic boat helps carry cruise ships when they get stuck.

The 275-meter-long Boka Vanguard, which was constructed in 2012, is the largest ship and typically helps transport large oil and gas structures, but occasionally it is used to help a cruise ship.

During the pandemic, the vessel helped carry the Carnival Vista after it malfunctioned in the middle of the Caribbean.

The cruise ship’s propulsion system failed, which is why it needed some help. The only dry dock nearby also wasn’t available for the ship.

"We were called in at short notice, but we managed to dispatch the ship quickly. It took a couple of weeks for our ship to get to the Caribbean from Europe and another week to take care of all the necessary arrangements,” Michel Seij, global engineering general manager at Boskalis, the Dutch company that owns Boka Vanguard, told CNN Travel.

“What followed was a very smooth operation and the cruise ship was safely transported to Freeport, Bahamas. During this operation part of the cruise ship's crew remained on board.”

The carrying ship is able to be semi-submerged in water with only the top vertical structures above water. Entire ships can slide onto the boat’s deck if fastened properly.

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