How Pianist Masayuki Tayama Turned His Boat Into a Thriving London Concert Venue 

Captain Masayuki Tayama and Rhiana Henderson say this is the only canal boat of its kind.

Captain Masayuki Tayama had an idea to merge the two things he loves. It's now a booming business. 

He converted a canal boat into a floating performance venue where guests can enjoy private recitals on cruises through London's waterways.

According to The Piano Boat manager Rhiana Henderson, this boat is the only canal boat of its kind. 

“It was built to our specifications as a floating concert venue," she said. "So we have a brand-new Steinway grand piano, and here we give musical experiences to people on the canals."

"I still play in regular concert halls as well, but when you're playing in a 4,000-seater, the lighting is blinding, and it is projected in a different way,” Tayama, The Piano Boat pianist and captain, notes while describing how intimate the musical experience is.

The idea for the floating concert venue came about when the couple lived on a narrowboat with a digital piano. This drew interest from people passing by.

In the two months since they started the project, the couple has organized five cruises and are completely booked up for the coming months.

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