This Jazz Musician Sets Viral Videos to Piano Music and They Do Not Disappoint

Jazz musician Charles Cornell is finding viral celebrity with his quirky compositions for famous videos.

This jazz musician is finding viral celebrity with his quirky compositions for famous videos. 

Charles Cornell told he came up with the initial idea of these hilarious videos while in his car.

“It actually started with funny tweets into songs, which was an idea I had in my car with some hilarious Trump tweets and how ridiculous would it be if these were songs,” said Cornell. “And I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I thought, 'Maybe I should try to record one,' and I did."

Cornell’s girlfriend then introduced him to Cardi B, showing him the videos the rapper posts on her Instagram. She became the next subject for Cornell’s videos.

"I thought, 'This was gold. This is amazing. This is perfect for what I'm trying to do,'” said Cornell. “And when I did the first one, I actually posted it on TikTok first. And somebody who had started following me on TikTok, they saw it and shared it to Twitter and Cardi B retweeted it."

A star was born. Since then, Cornell has kept the hits coming. One of his personal favorites is of the famous viral video “Have you ever had a dream like this?"

“I really had a lot of fun making the one where I sort of made a beat of this kid stuttering when he says, 'I had a dream,' and he couldn't get the sentence out,” said Cornell. “I was listening to it and was like, 'Oh this kind of falls into a beat pretty well.'”

Cornell recently released an album of serious music titled “Tales” that he had been working on prior to finding internet fame. 

His plans for the future? Continuing to create his own original music as well as making his funny videos.

“They're so much fun to make because they're ridiculous,” said Cornell. “And I love playing. I've been playing for many years so this is just a new application for playing in a different way. It's a blast."